By Ron Marz (Writer), Nelson Blake II (Pencils & Inks), and Dave McCaig (Colors)

brokentrinitySome Thoughts Before The Review: I found Broken Trinity to be a pretty successful event for the Top Cow Universe. A fairly important character was killed off and a few new elements were introduced into the ever-changing mythos of the universe that opened up the doors for a number of new storytelling possibilities. In short, it left me satisfied and ready for the future.

The Story: Broken Trinity: Witchblade is the first story to explore the new status quo that exists following the tumultuous event that set the course for the future of some of Top Cow’s major players. And to be honest, not a whole lot really happens outside of some character work. Sara meets Dani at the grave of Celestine, the person that was possessed by the Angelus, and then heads over to give Jackie Estacado some time with his daughter. Also, Jackie takes care of some unfinished business left over from his own Broken Trinity one-shot.

What’s Good: As usual, Ron Marz does some real nice work with the characters in this issue. While not a whole lot happens as far as plot development goes, Marz doesn’t waste any space thanks to his continuing effort to add depth to the characters that he works on. He definitely has a good handle on them.

What’s Not So Good: While the artwork looks nice throughout the book, the style really isn’t to my liking. It just doesn’t seem to fit the characters or the world all that well. That said, I really don’t have any specific complaints on a technical level. The characters look nice, the colors pop, and the emotions on display are well done.

Conclusion: I would consider Broken Trinity: Witchblade to be something I’d recommend only to the bigger fans of either Witchblade or The Darkness. I enjoyed my time with it and came away impressed by the character work. However there really isn’t anything about it that screams “must read.” Base a purchase around how much emotional investment you have in the Top Cow characters.

Grade: C

-Kyle Posluszny