By Geoff Johns (writer), Pete Woods (art), Brad Anderson (colors)

The Story: Superman’s patience begins to wear thin as he presses Alura for the Kryptonians responsible for murdering of seven human police officers. Lex Luthor suceeds into breaking into Brainiac’s mind and executes a plan to release many of the captives being held on his ship. Unfortunately for the Kryptonians, not all of these captives are benevolent. A frantic battle takes place and the Kryptonians are dealt their first real blow as a freed people.

What’s Good? The pacing of this story is fantastic! With tensions already high from the beginning of the story, things begin to unravel at high speed, never giving the reader time to catch his or her breath. By the end of the story there’s a sense of chaos and uncertainty with things going from bad to worse. As for the art, Pete Woods is no Gary Frank, but his art is incredibly rich with detail and his storytelling spot on.

What’s Not So Good? Not enough scenes of the Creature Commandos! Also, the issue doesn’t exactly read quickly, but is paced so fast near the end you’ll feel like you read the whole thing in two minutes.

Conclusion: Another excellent chapter to the New Krypton storyline. A must buy.

Grade: A-

– J. Montes