By Roger Stern (story), Lee Weeks (art), Dean White (colors)

The Story: Hailing back from West Coast Avengers #2 comes The Blank — a villain who loves to rob armored cars and banks, and has the ability to deflect Spidey’s webs. With Aunt May caught in the crossfire in one of The Blank’s robberies, Peter takes it upon himself to track down this elusive thief and bring him to justice.

What’s Good? The return of Roger Stern to Amazing Spider-Man has been a long time coming. As a stand alone story, it’s a classic Spider-Man tale that follows the formula we’ve seen for years. Despite that, Stern makes it fun and entertaining throughout and it’s sure to evoke fond memories of older Spider-Man stories when life was more simple.

I’ve been dying for Lee Week’s to do Spider-Man issue and his art perfectly matches the story. With great attention to detail and that old school Marvel style, the only thing that kept it from feeling like an early 1980s book was the colors by Dean White (which were excellent, by the way). Fantastic visual storytelling.

What’s Not So Good? Roger Stern’s return is limited to just this issue! I think it’s great that Marvel’s bringing back icons like Stern and Weeks to Spider-Man, but we need longer runs. This isn’t just about nostalgia, this is about classy teams who get the character and know how to tell a good story. Give us more!

Conclusion: A fun Roger Stern vehicle that’s reminiscent of classic Spider-Man stories of years past. If that’s not enough buy this for Lee Week’s gorgeous art.

Grade: B

– J. Montes