By Dan Slott & Christos N. Gage (Writers), Harvey Talibao & Bong Dazo (Artists), and Jay David Ramos & Chris Sotomayor (Colors)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: Normally, I would be quite a bit disappointed with the fact that the latest issue of one of my favorites is still tagged with the Secret Invasion banner even after the event has reached a conclusion. However, that’s not the case with Avengers: The Initiative #19. The reason being mostly because of the Skrull Kill Krew and the entertaining battles being fought by the Initiative teams. I actually look forward to a bit more before I finally put Secret Invasion behind me in order to get ready for the series during Dark Reign.

The Story: The various state Initiative teams battle the Skrulls over the fate of Earth. I wish I could go into more detail, but since much of the issue relies on telling the story by checking in on locations all over the country at a rapid-fire pace, it is difficult to really explain much with ruining individual segments. That said, it is rarely confusing and it brings Initiative‘s Invasion arc to a satisfying close.

What’s Good: Dan Slott and Christos Gage once again manage to write some great character moments despite the frantic pace of the story. Each battle taking place is loaded with personality, so much so that it’s almost a shame more time isn’t spent on them. To add on, the artwork does an extremely admirable job keeping up with chaos happening on every page. The issue could have easily turned into one giant mess of action in less capable hands, so I give all the credit in the world to the art team.

What’s Not So Good: Despite how well all the chaos is handled, it is almost a bit too much at times. Good luck trying to keep up with the details regarding all the stuff that goes on. As for the story, I found it to be handled a bit too comically considering how things played out in previous issues.

Conclusion: Avengers: The Initiative works best when the creators are really playing in the Marvel sandbox. The latest issue is a prime example of why that is. Worth checking out, even if you’ve had your fill of Skrulls.


-Kyle Posluszny