By Dan Slott (story), Mike McKone (pencils), Andy Lanning (inks), Jeremy Cox (colors)

The Story: Harry and Peter go on a road trip to New Jersey to pay a visit to Harry’s estranged wife, Liz Allan and their son, Normie. Also holed up in Liz’s house is Molten Man who just happens to have a bone to pick with Harry. With Brand New Day now nearly a year old, fans will be pleased to finally get some long awaited answers (to some glaring questions).

The Good? At long freaking last we get the answers regarding Harry Osborn’s alleged resurrection! These answers may not be to everyone’s liking but at least we’re given a logical explanation.

Like his previous story arc, New Ways to Die, Dan Slott packs the pages with lots of dialogue and a story that progresses rather quickly. In all honesty, I thought this was a double-sized issue because of its meaty story that almost never seemed to end. Quite a feat for 22 pages of story. Mike McKone’s art is delicious right from the start. His crisp style works well for this book but the pedestrian sequences seem a bit too bland at times. However, his layouts and panel choices are pure fun to the eyes.

What’s Not So Good? When Harry Osborn tells Peter where he’s been and how he’s still alive, well, it just sounds like Marvel editorial talking to us – not Harry Osborn. It’s like, “Here’s my reason and you’re going to take it.” Sorry, but I still don’t buy Harry’s resurrection and I still think his retcon stinks. Also, a genuine WTF moment happens when Carlie lectures Peter. Talk about feeling out of place and off kilter!

Bottom Line: Not one of Dan Slott’s best stories, but entertaining nonetheless. Peter’s new supporting cast is still not very likable and too full of themselves. I wouldn’t cry if someone like Menace killed them all.

Grade: C+

– J. Montes