By Duane Swierczynski (writer), Timothy Green (artist), Edward Bola (colorist)

The Story: Just in time for the holidays, Swierczynski delivers what is easily his finest work to date on Iron Fist. Before the next major story arc begins, this on shot tale of eternal hope focuses on the arrival of the Iron Fist of 3099: nine-year old Wah Sing Rand, who has waited twenty-four years to save the planet from tyranny and fight for a better tomorrow.

The Good: Swierczynski’s writing has always been solid, even great at times. However, with this issue he has both enriched the quality of the Iron Fist legacy, and raised the bar for all issues to come.  For a $3 price tag (enjoy them while they last!) you get a complete story that is wildly imaginative and entertaining.  Not only that, but it doesn’t require you to have read a year of back issues to understand what’s going on.

Timothy Green’s art has a wonderful European quality to it that you don’t see often enough in mainstream American comics.  His linework is clean, dynamic, and rarely employs heavy inks, allowing Bola’s colors to shine and animate every page.  I would not mind at all if these guys became the regular art team on the book.

The Not So Good: If I had to pick at something, I would say the cover doesn’t even begin to sell all the coolness inside the comics.  Seeing as Swierczynski drew influences in this issue from movies like Akira and The Matrix, I think a cover designed as an homage to either of those movies may have done a better job promoting this issue.

Conclusion: Swierczysnki’s tale of the future Iron Fist only further proves that he has the vision, imagination, and mad kung fu skills needed to make Iron Fist one of the finest pieces of comic entertainment available to readers today.  Pick up an issue today and see what you’ve been missing!

Grade:  A

-Tony Rakittke