By Geoff Johns (story), Ivan Reis (pencils), Oclair Albert (inks), Nei Ruffino (colors)

The Story: Hal Jordan discovers the secret of the Blue Lanterns and the fate of Ganthet. Riding on the emotion of hope this new lantern corps believes that the redemption of Sinestro is the key to surviving what’s to come in the future (the Blackest Night). Meanwhile on the planet of Ysmault, the Red Lanterns slowly chip away at Sinestro’s being as they attempt to show him the real meaning of fear and rage.

What’s Good? It’s only the second part of the “Rage of the Red Lanterns” and already the epic scale of this story is eclipsing what we saw in The Sinestro War. I love the unremitting nature Red Lanterns – they’re much more formidable and scarier opponents than the Sinestro Corps ever was. Seeing what they do to their captured victims is the perfect display of their convictions and sadistic nature.

The Blue Lanterns are every bit as cool as a concept  and the perfect compliment to the Green Lanterns in terms of playing a supporting role. There’s a shocking moment towards the end involving Hal Jordan’s future with the Blue Lanterns that will prove very interesting down the road.

What’s Not So Good? The Blue Lanterns being able to stop a supernova was a bit too much. It was cool to see, but wow, that’s maybe a bit too much power don’t you think?

Conclusion: I don’t know about the rest of you, but I’ve been dying for a Green Lantern fix for months. This issue delivers in spades and leaves you dying for the next installment.

Grade: A

– J. Montes