By Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente (writers), Clayton Henry & Salva Espin (artists), Raul Trevino & Lee Loughridge (colorists)

The Story: “Love and War” continues with this hilarious issue that pits Hercules, Namora, and Athena in a battle royale with the baddest Titan of them all, Atlas.  Amadeus uses his love of refined sugar and hot Gorgons to escape from the Amazons, but with the heavy hitters preoccupied, Artume is free to pursue her vendetta against the world of man.

The Good: Some of the gags in this issue are the funniest to date, and I applaud Pak and Van Lente for making this a consistently amusing title.  From George Washington’s bizarre visions and Namora showing Atlas where the capital of Thailand is, to Hercules being bludgeoned with the Washington Monument and visions of everyone’s fondest desires, you’ll be hard pressed not to chuckle when you read this one.

The Not So Good: I was satisfied with this issue up until the end when I realized that, no, “Love and War” still wasn’t over yet, and I would be forced to endure what has proven to be a string of wonderful gags and ideas held together by a mediocre story. This plot about the Amazons’ quest for yet another reality-changing MacGuffin who isn’t nearly as interesting as say, their initial quest to find the hidden location of Atlas.  In fact, the Amazons themselves are easily the most boring part of this story, and I had hoped Pak and Van Lente would end “Love and War” with this issue. However, I was wrong. Now I’ve officially had enough of it.

Conclusion: An issue of great ideas that could have ended the storyline on a satisfying note, but chose to drag it on instead.  Since Pak and Van Lente seem to be writing this for a graphic novel release, you might be better off waiting to read that instead.

Grade:  C

-Tony Rakittke