By Ron Marz (Writer), Brian Stelfreeze (Pencils & Inks), and Dave McCaig (Colors)

prv1825_covSome Thoughts Before The Review: The latest Broken Trinity tie-in definitely has a few strikes against it already. I mean, the event it’s connected to has been complete for well over a month. In addition, the character the story focuses on died during the final Broken Trinity battle. So does that leave the entire issue feeling completely inconsequential? Time to find out.

The Story: The entire issue is a lead-in for the big battle that headlined the Broken Trinity storyline. A beautiful bartender is called upon to reclaim her place in the war between the light and the darkness. And despite her reluctance, she knows what must be done.

What’s Good: To be honest, not a whole lot. Sure the dialogue by Ron Marz is done well, the artwork looks decent (if underwhelming), and the story is interesting enough. But it all feels almost completely pointless given that the fate of the character being developed has already been decided.

What’s Not So Good: Knowing that the whole issue suffers almost entirely because of poor scheduling. It’s tough to care much about a character whose given only twenty pages to make an impact and whose fate is already set in stone. Long story short, despite being well written, the story falls completely flat. It’s a shame, considering that it might have been somewhat interesting had it just come out when it was (most likely) supposed to.

Conclusion: Just save your money and skip the Broken Trinity: Angelus one-shot. No matter how big a fan you are, it just isn’t worth investing in. It comes across as both extremely late to the show and utterly pointless (despite a few high points).

Grade: D+

-Kyle Posluszny