By Josh Blaylock (Writer), Matt Merhoff (Art), and Eduardo Medeiros (Colors)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: I really enjoyed the first issue of Mercy Sparx. It featured some incredibly stylish artwork, an interesting lead character, and an intriguing plot. In other words, it’s got potential. Time to find out if the series can begin to make good on that potential.

The Story: Mercy squares off against another muse, this time she’s up against Elysa. As it turns out, word about Mercy and her tactics has gotten around to other fallen angels, so the latest target doesn’t go down quite as easily as the last. Meanwhile, the plot thickens as some more is learned about what forces are behind Mercy’s mission.

What’s Good: Despite being heavy on the action and fairly light on story, the second issue of Mercy Sparx is actually a bit more enjoyable than the first. Though to be honest, I’m not exactly sure why that is. Maybe it’s the inspired gadgets Mercy wields. Maybe it’s that the artwork that looks a bit more polished and, as a result, handles the action scenes a lot better. Maybe it’s that the end of the issue hints at a plot that strikes a chord with me because of how fascinating I find the use (and abuse) of religion. Or maybe it’s because the book is just downright fun. Whatever the case, the Mercy Sparx #2 leaves me hoping the series develops a following large enough to warrant a long, successful run.

What’s Not So Good: While the book definitely leaves me wanting more, it also leaves me slightly unsatisfied. The ending hints that there is a whole lot more story to tell, but if there is, it needs to be paced throughout each individual issue better. I mean I love a good catfight as much as the next guy, especially one filled with fun gadgets and witty banter, but that can only get a series so far. Here’s to hoping that chapter three puts a little more meat on the bone for people to chew on.

Conclusion: I highly recommend checking Mercy Sparx out for those of you looking for something you simply can’t get from Marvel or DC. The character is interesting, the artwork is perfect for the tone of the story, and the long-term potential is definitely present. I can’t wait for more Mercy.

Grade: B+

-Kyle Posluszny