Such a misleading cover...

By Geoff Johns (Writer), Pete Woods (Artist), Renato Guedes (Artist), Wilson Magalhaes (Artist) and Rob Leigh (Colors)

After months of building up the tension between the people of Kandor and Earth, the “New Krypton” finale fails to finish “properly.” For weeks, we followed this story as the overlooked important event in DC and to Superman’s life. With so many battles established in the previous issues and personal conflicts introduced, we simply do not get enough closure here. Instead, we are left with a moment that fails to be monumental, and that succeeds in leaving us dissatisfied.

If you’re hoping to finally witness Superman be torn and stuck in the middle of a war between his friends and his people, you’re in for an unexciting ending, and that all stems from the characters’ inactivity in this finale; which leads me to I have many gripes with the characters in this ending. First and foremost, Superman. After his cousin failed to be rational and decided to punch him in the previous issue, Superman doesn’t do much to scold or regain Supergirl’s allegiance. He even fails to serve a much deserve smack to Auntie Alura for being an ungrateful bitch and all the banter. Superman simply doesn’t do anything– atleast anything important or memorably entertaining. But wait, maybe it’s not about Sueprman. Maybe it’s about Luthor, the savior on the cover. Wrong again. Luthor does nothing as well, as Johns fails to make him the antihero that some of us were looking to root for, in erradicating those pesky Kryptonians. And as for Zatanna and her magic crew, you’ll find them fluttering around just like their introduction in last splash page in the previous issue.

This closing issue is clearly disappointing, since I expected more epic scenes and something revealing. Johns had a chance to challenge Superman with a story involving family and with this concept of him not being alone anymore. But instead, he gives us an arc that doesn’t seem fully delivered, as he leaves us with an easily forgettable final chapter. I think it’s pretty obvious that this issue isn’t exactly a conclusion. The reader is left with an ending similar to the previous arc– where Superman stands before Pa’s grave and rips his shirt to reveal the “S,” and two epilogues that are supposed to wet our appetites that features a highly prominenet member of Superman’s rogues. But we’ve seen this formula before in your last story, Johns. Superman is served with a personal loss, and a known villain is re-introduced. Should we expect another story with an ending absent of closure that’s going to be filled with these recurring elements?

Grade: C+

-Raymond Hilario