By Paul Cornell (Writer), Leonard Kirk & Mike Collins (Pencils), Jay Leisten & Cam Smith (Inks), and Brian Reber & Rain Beredo (Colors)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: When I picked up the debut of Captain Britain and MI:13 during the Secret Invasion, I never expected it to become a favorite of mine. But nows, I find myself eagerly awaiting each new issue. The latest, the conclusion to the insanely chaotic Plotka storyline, is no exception. It’s a shame that the numbers for the series are so slow, because it absolutely deserves the attention of nearly every comic fan. It’s that good.

The Story: With the majority of the team stuck in one part of Plotka’s dream corridor thanks to Captain Midlands’ betrayal and Captain Britain still trying to find a way out of another part, things look grim for pretty much everybody. But Pete Wisdom has a plan, as does the person studying the trapped Mindless One outside of Cloverfield Estate. Soon the tides are turned and the team goes on the offensive.

What’s Good: Simply all the factors that make this title wildly imaginative. That’s the only way to describe the conclusion of the latest Captain Britain and MI:13 arc. Despite all the crazy magic, chaotic action, and elements of the occult, Paul Cornell and his art team somehow manage to keep everything in line long enough to wrap up one hell of an entertaining story that also plant the seeds for what promises to be another. In short, if you’ve liked what the series has offered so far, you won’t be disappointed what it offers this time around.

What’s Not So Good: There is one “elephant in the room” element regarding the latest Captain Britain arc that has nagged at me from the start. And guess what? It nagged at me a whole lot more while reading Captain Britain and MI:13 #9. Basically the whole thing is so filled with action and chaos that it rarely stops to take a breath long enough to really work through and explain what’s actually happening. Sure it’s a lot of fun to read and look at, but I just can’t help but wish I had a better grasp on the storyline as a whole. It made sense well enough, but I just can’t shake the feeling I missed out on a few things here and there.

Conclusion: Despite being almost overwhelming at times, the latest issue of Captain Britain is loaded with high-quality, high-concept entertainment. And, while it isn’t the greatest jump-on point if you haven’t checked the series out yet, it’s strong enough to make hunting down back issues a worthwhile endeavor. Consider it highly recommended.

Grade: B+

-Kyle Posluszny