By Peter Tomasi (writer), Patrick Gleason (artist), Rebecca Buchman (inker)

The Story:  As a part of the “Faces of Evil” event running through DC comics this month, this issue finds Kryb battling Kyle and Saranik Natu, so that she may rip Amnee Pree’s baby from the womb and protect it from the evil of the green.  If they hope to stand a chance against Kryb though, the Green Lanterns must put aside their differences with Star Sapphire Miri and fight together for the greater good.

The Good: Three words: Miri and Kryb.  The more I learn about these various, emerging Corps and their members, the more impressed I become with this incredible mythology the Green Lantern creative teams are weaving.  Miri is an interesting character, so similar to the Green Lanterns in bearing and methodology except for a slight twist: her ring communicates to her entirely in terms of love.  Whether the ring is tethering her to the heart of an individual in order to facilitate interstellar travel, or warning Miri of an impending disaster to eternal love, Tomasi does a great job of setting up little details like these make the Violet Lanterns as a force every bit as dedicated and powerful as their counterparts.  Also, I think Kryb is easily one of the most horrific and visually terrifying villains I’ve seen in a long time.  The cover to this issue alone is enough to induce nightmares. I especially loved how she dealt with KT-21, which was just memorably gruesome.

The Not So Good: I love Kryb as a villain, but I was disappointed by how quickly she was defeated.  Being a “Faces of Evil” issue, I was expecting Kryb to be more prominently featured here, or at the very least be more of a threat. Instead she was used as a punching bag by the Lanterns, seemingly so that Rayner and Miri could have more time to argue over who gets to imprison her.

Conclusion: Although this issue was a weak installment in the “Faces of Evil” event running this month, it is still a solid and completely satisfying story.

Grade:  C+

-Tony Rakittke