By Duance Swierczynski (writer), Kano (artist)

The Story: Another story chronicling the adventures of Iron Fists throughout histor… This standalone issue tells the tale of Li Park, K’un-Lun’s only pacifist Immortal Weapon.  Inheriting the mantle intended for his younger brother, Li is more of a dreamer than a fighter, and would rather seek peaceful resolutions than resort to violence.  His convictions are challenged though when he is sent to defend a village from invading hordes.  Li’s actions will forever change the people of the village, and even K’un-Lun itself.

The Good: Swierczynski turns in another solid story that continues the great tradition of exploring the history of Iron Fists through individual issues.  I liked Li’s character and was intrigued by the idea of an Iron Fist who not only didn’t want his power, but shunned violence all together.  Kano’s art is the right fit for this story, and after looking at Foreman’s minimalist style for so long, it was refreshing to enjoy Kano’s attention to detail for a change.

The Not So Good: Other than needing glasses and a magnifying lense to read the captions, my problem with this issue was why, when Swierczynski is in the middle of his excellent “Eighth City” storyline, would he break the momentum of that story with this issue.  It was good, but not great, and ultimately very out of place here.  Of course, if the rumors I’m hearing are true and Immortal Iron Fist is going to be canceled with issue 27, maybe Swierczynski did this story now so that he could end the series with the conclusion to “Eighth City”.

Conclusion: This was by no means a bad issue, but it certainly isn’t necessary to buy either.  Spend your money on something else this month.

Grade:  C

Tony Rakittke