By Robert Kirkman (Writer), Charlie Adlard (Pencils & Inks), and Cliff Rathburn (Gray Tones)
Some Thoughts Before The Review: Sixty issues in and The Walking Dead is still going strong. I continue to be amazed at how well Robert Kirkman keeps adding twists, turns, and depth to a story that initially, seemed extremely familiar (simple, even). I can’t wait to see what he has up his sleeve next.

The Story: Rick, Carl, Abraham, and Morgan attempt to elude the massive zombie herd they came across last issue. Meanwhile, Dale begins truly thinking about settling down with Amanda and the kids at a farm that seems almost too perfect for words.

What’s Good: It’s been a while since the zombies truly felt like the massive threat they once where, so the obvious highlight of The Walking Dead #60 is the intensity that is generated by the herd. The less obvious highlights are the quiet moments that the creative team handles so well. The most notable of which is a scene in which Morgan makes a grim, graphic discovery that really hits hard thanks to the fantastic work by Charlie Adlard and Cliff Rathburn. Also worth a mention is how effortlessly Robert Kirkman reestablishes Dale, the kids, and Maggie in the issue. The character moments are quiet, but they will linger in your mind (especially the one with the kids).

What’s Not So Good: Kirkman always handles his characters with the utmost care. That’s why I find the way (new cast member) Dr. Eugene is used so annoying. He seems to speak simply as a plot device and nothing more. His words make an impact, but I feel that they would be more effective if we knew more about the character or his previous situation.

My other complaint has to do with the herd. While I really like the way the herd is used, both as a set piece and a plot device, I wish more time was spent with it. A minor complaint, yes, but still something that disappointed me about the issue. Some hardcore zombie stuff is always welcome and the herd offers lots of potential for it.

Conclusion: As usual, the creative team behind The Walking Dead delivers in nearly every way. Issue sixty is about as solid as they come and serves as a great example of why the series is such a success. Highly recommended.

Grade: B+

-Kyle Posluszny