By Brian Reed (Writer), Rebekah Isaacs (Art), and Chris Sotomayor (Colors)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: With Carol Danvers seemingly dead due to a power overload, Karla Sofen (A.K.A. Moonstone) becomes the new Ms. Marvel. It’ll be interesting to see what the change in the status quo will do to the series as a whole. One things for sure and that’s that an edgier Ms. Marvel could prove to be just the shot in the arm the series needs after the somewhat disappointing “Ascension” arc.

The Story: After doing a little bit of public relations work by stopping a robbery, the new Ms. Marvel heads back to Avengers Tower to find that she is scheduled for a psychological evaluation as part of her status as an Avenger. As it turns out, the mysterious Dr. Wright isn’t all that he seems. And it may cost Karla her life…

What’s Good: Ms. Marvel #38 works in just about every way. More character study than anything else, it does a nice job of introducing Karla Sofen as a character (for those unfamiliar with her past) and gives readers a sneak peak at what type of Ms. Marvel the villain formerly known as Moonstone will be. The psychic evaluation proves to be a perfect opportunity for writer Brian Reed to quickly establish Sofen’s past, personality, and intelligence in a way that fits seamlessly into an effective one-and-done story. A strong one-and-done story that is made even better by solid, attractive visuals courtesy of Rebekah Isaacs and Chris Sotomayor.

What’s Not So Good: Even though I do like the artwork, I have to mention that the cartoony style doesn’t really fit the tone of the book all that well. Both the storyline and lead character are dark enough to make you wonder why the comic looks like it does. A gritty, more moody style would probably have made more of an impact.

Conclusion: I highly recommend checking out Ms. Marvel #38. It’s a fresh start for a series that deserves a few more readers and makes for a great jump on point.

Grade: B+

-Kyle Posluszny