By Sean McKeever (writer), Angel Unzuera (artist), Wayne Faucher (inker)

Some Thoughts Before the Review: I’ve been following the Deathtrap storyline from the beginning. I’ve read the pre-deathtrap fights with Jericho too, and they were honestly starting to bleed together. This issue hasn’t changed much for me.

The Story: Jericho holds a bunch of rich people hostage to get the Titans and the Teen Titans to come to him so that he can kill them. The Titans arrive, stand around and don’t do anything. Ravager manages to grab onto Jericho, which inexplicably stops his plan…until she lets go. Then he gets away and blows them all up.

What’s Good: Not much. I’m really struggling here. Jericho’s getaway was clever?

What’s Not So Good: None of what’s going on seems meaningful. Jericho keeps trying to kill the Titans for no reason other than he’s crazy. Each time he fails, he keeps getting away.

Also, it’s increasingly straining credibility that a dozen Titans with all their powers can’t take Jericho out, or even try. I’m not keeping a running tab or anything, but their kid-gloving of Jericho in previous issues has allowed dozens of civilian deaths in this one. Hardly inspiring heroism. Most of them just stand around him and talk. The only person who’s using his brains seems to be Vigilante, but he’s not on the team and he keeps arriving late.

Art might have made this issue more palatable, but unfortunately, the pencils don’t pull this book out of its tailspin. The textures of faces and bodies come across as plastic and the posing and facial expressions are awkward. At one point, the art reminded me of Don Perlin, an artist who ruined the last 60 issues of the Defenders.

Conclusion: I think the Titans need Cyclops to be in charge. Put Scott Summers in charge of Power Pack, tie one hand behind his back, and he still would have outsmarted Jericho three issues ago. Batman could have done it by himself. So could Dr. Light, Shadow Lass , and pretty much anybody telepathic, or whose costume includes opaque goggles, or anyone who is willing to poke Jericho in the eye.

Grade: D

-DS Arsenault