By Andy Diggle (Writer), Robert De La Torre (Artist), and Frank Martin (Colorist)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: It’s about time that the Thunderbolts got back to business after being treated as fodder for Deadpool for a few months.  The whole “Magnum Opus” thing definitely hurt the credibility of the new Tbolts team.  Andy Diggle and Robert De La Torre have some work to do in order to re-establish their team as deadly and efficient.

The Story: The latest issue of Thunderbolts is sort of divided into two parts.  The first deals with the mysterious and paranoid Ghost.  He’s a wild card on a team of wild cards and his teammates are a bit uncomfortable with both his personality and his abilities.  The second part deals with the Thunderbolts going after their latest target, the dangerous Mister X.

What’s Good: Thunderbolts #132 is gritty, dark, sarcastic, mean, and surprisingly clever.  In other words, it’s exactly the way the series is supposed to be.  Andy Diggle and Robert De La Torre get the series back on track in a big way and I for one, couldn’t be much more pleased.  The visuals capture the action and the tone of the book extremely well (the assassination plan plays out in a very entertaining way). The character work does a solid job of bringing out the personalities that make up the covert-ops team (it’s been a long time coming), and last but not least, the story develops in a way that creates some intriguing possibilities.  Also, the Ghost segments are almost worth the cover price alone.  There’s some great stuff there.

What’s Not So Good: A few panels look unclear or rushed in Thunderbolts #132, though it’s tough to place blame.  Sometimes De La Torre’s gritty style, while a very good fit for the series,  is occasionally a bit too rough.  Other times, it’s Frank Martin’s moody, dark coloring that’s the cause of the clarity issues. Another thing I must mention is that the twist ending is a bit predictable and, as a result somewhat disappointing.

Conclusion: It’s great to see Thunderbolts return to form. Now it just has to remain in that form and all will be well.

Grade:  B+

-Kyle Posluszny