By Ron Marz (Writer) and Stjepan Sejic (Artist)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: The War of the Witchblades got off to a solid start. Now that the stage is finally set, it’s time for the War to truly begin. I for one, can’t wait to see what happens.

The Story: Tensions between Sara and Dani erupt into a battle between the light and the darkness.  Meanwhile, an Angelus warrior named Sabine looks for the opportune moment to make a claim for power…

What’s Good & What’s Not So Good: Thanks to both the artwork and the writing, the fight between Dani and Sara plays out really well in Witchblade #127.  Ron Marz’s “fight” dialogue is effective and Stjepan Sejic’s work (especially the “Dark Witchblade” design/powers) makes the battle between the Witchblade bearers something to remember.  I must also point out that the limited use of dialogue keeps the focus on the visual storytelling, the use of color, and the rather impressive panel layout which, this case, is a good thing.

The biggest negative about chapter three of War of the Witchblades is that occasionally Sejic’s artwork makes people look a bit…off. Dani in particular looks so computer generated in a few panels that it proves to be a distraction until the fight breaks out. It’s a fairly minor complaint, especially considering how nice the majority of the book looks, but it’s worth mentioning nonetheless.

Another complaint I have is the way the events in the issue escalate at a wild pace, especially considering the fact that a baby is caught up in the middle of the clash. While I like the concept of Sara losing control, she seems uncharacteristically mentally weak in a way that says “plot device” in a very quiet voice. Maybe more will be explained next month.

Conclusion: I wish I could say more about Witchblade #127, but I’m sort of at a loss for words.  It features an entertaining, well-executed fight scene and ends in a way that will leave fans begging for more. The dialogue is solid all around, the visuals look mostly great, and the storyline is playing out in a way that should please new and longtime fans alike.  If I said much more, I would be ruining the surprises of the issue, so just go pick it up if you are a fan of the series.

Grade:  B

-Kyle Posluszny