By Peter J. Tomasi (writer), Lee Garbett (artist), Trevor Scott (inker)

The Story: We open with the origin of Vandal Savage (one of my favourite DC villains) and the Outsiders’ mission to find him. They use the fact that part of Rex’s power comes from the same meteor that empowered Vandal Savage to light him up in orbit like the Staff of Ra to point to where Vandal Savage is. In the meantime, Alfred is doing some hunting of his own and finds an old friend not aged at all. After he leaves, Alfred’s old buddy and Vandal Savage get the shit blown out of them by Deathstroke.

What’s Good: For starters, the art is great, as the detailed work can’t be ignored. Each character has their distinct look and when shown posing, you simply  get a powerful image. I also like the way Garbett laid out his panels in some pages in odd sizes that added to a disjointed and uncertain mood. The shot of Halo lighting up orbit by shooting light through Rex as if he was a lens is absolutely stunning.

Tomasi also took us through three compelling separate plotlines (Alfred after the old buddy, the Outsiders after Savage, and Deathstroke after Savage) without rushing the story. Furthermore, the dialogue was crisp, never failing to differentiat each character’s voice.

What’s Not So Good: Tomasi needed some explanations around what the Outsiders were doing. Unfortunately, he chose to do this through a lot of talking heads telling each other things they already knew. It was a small point, but it took away from their scenes.

Conclusion: This was a solid book in the middle of an arc. Great characters were featured, and solid artwork fairly accompanied the multiple storylines. The next issue might jsut be worth picking up.

Grade: B

-DS Arsenault