By Tim Seeley (Writer), Emily Stone (Artist), and Mark Englert (Colors)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: Whether it be through dark comedy or some old-fashioned slasher movie gore, you can always count on Hack/Slash to deliver a good time.

The Story: An unlikely hero emerges as Cassie and Vlad are helpless and at the mercy of the vicious, fear-eating Dread Devourers.

What’s Good and What’s Not So Good: While I generally prefer a one and done Hack/Slash story, the series continuity has enough interesting elements to keep longer running arcs interesting.  Hack/Slash #22 capitalizes on that fact by drawing on old and new alike to bring about some resolution to the inter-dimensional conflict that has hovered over the ongoing series since the beginning.  And though the plot is quite strange at times, Emily Stone proves she’s up to the challenge by crafting some rather disturbing, disgusting visuals that add a lot to the story being told.  As for Tim Seeley’s writing, it is surprisingly character driven and humorous or tense at all the right moments.

If I have any real complaint about Hack/Slash #22, it’s that the inter-dimensional stuff has always left me a bit cold.  I appreciate the idea of an overarching plot to drive the ongoing series, but I always find myself a bit annoyed when that overarching plot takes front and center.  It’s not that the story is bad… It just takes Hack/Slash away from it’s core strength– the buddy comedy/slasher movie stuff.

Conclusion: As a whole, the latest issue of Hack/Slash is entertaining and, as expected, quite solid.  My biggest complaint is one of personal preference, so maybe you may get more out of the book than I did.

Grade:  C+

-Kyle Posluszny