By Gail Simone (writer), Aaron Lopresti (artist), Matt Ryan (colorist)

The Story: Wonder Woman goes after Genocide. Neither is taking prisoners.

What’s Good: Genocide continues to threaten the absolute destruction of Wonder Woman’s world, both personally and literally. She is a brilliant villain for Diana; giving this issue a kick-ass superhero fight that should be legendary. It’s hard to think of many fights that seem so right, so primal. Off the top of my head, I’d say this Wonder Woman vs. Genocide slapdown had the same kind of rightness as Warlock vs. Thanos, or Captain America vs Red Skull. These are battles with enemies who are, inch-for-inch, more powerful than the heroes and are diametrically opposed on the moral field.

Furthermore, it is in the best superhero throwdowns, where memorable growth and change comes about in the characters. There are two big elements of character change and growth in this book. From the savage fight, you witness the moral transformation that Wonder Woman goes through. The pure brutality that Diana delivers to Genocide when they go toe-to-toe will not only shock readers, but uncover a true nature of her. Having Wonder Woman forced to make some difficult moral choices, deeply tackles who she is and what she believes herself to be. It is without a doubt that Simone has sold us on a complete and compelling, emotional arc for Diana after this issue.

As for the art, Lopresti and Ryan perfectly compliment this unforgettable story. I’ve always liked Lopresti’s take on women. His women are powerful and beautiful, yet they don’t become suggestive or semi-sensual the way other artists sometimes make their women. At the same time, he pencils a mean fight scene. The violence and brutality leap off the page.

What’s Not So Good: It’s really hard to find anything to complain about in this book, but since I’ve got nothing else, I will take a shot at Zeus’s tailor. The retro sci-fi suit the King of the Olympian Gods has been wearing since the start of this arc always struck me as silly. I wish he’d send it back to the set of Logan’s Run and throw on his toga again.

Conclusion: With Simone perfectly building this epic fight scene up, while providing an unforgettable character study within each preceeding book, the conclusion is simply amazing. I’ll be waiting impatiently for the next issue.

Grade: A

-DS Arsenault