By Eric Wallace (writer), Michael Shoyket (artist), Edgar Delgado and Jo Smith (colorists)

Some Thoughts Before the Review: I have to say that I’ve never been a Cyborg fan and after the continuing train wreck that has been the last few months of Titans, I came to this book with very low expectations.

The Story: Vic Stone, the Cyborg, is tense. His friend Gar tells him that he needs to get out, outside in the real world, away from metahumans and away from labs. He even offers Vic the card of a dating service. Vic doesn’t buy what Gar is selling at first, but when he almost clocks a purse-snatcher, he realizes that Gar is right. He just doesn’t know what to do about being lonely.

What’s Good: Wallace told a really good story by sticking to some pretty time-tested principles: take a likable character, make him want something, watch him try to get it. Wallace showed us Vic’s loneliness in obvious and subtle ways: in his lab by himself, and in the avatar he chooses to use while he’s in the cyber-network, fixing something. Wallace drew a very human Vic in a situation where he’s just got to meet some new people. All readers will identify with Vic, because we’ve all been there at least once.

Wallace also played the cyborg angles really well. He gave us a better look at Vic’s insecurities without ever having to tell them to us outright. He does this effectively in a scene were Vic first sees some kids with prosthetics, and when he runs into an old friend who had rejected high-tech prosthetics and stands preaching about it with two hooks instead of hands. It’s really great to see a writer who takes not only the reader seriously, but the subject matter too. This is a story about emotions, insecurities, and self; and Wallace brings it to a perfect ending.

What’s Not So Good: The art was competently done, especially the facial expressions which were so important to the story, but everything else seemed a bit crude and stylized. The art was enough to tell the story, but I wouldn’t open the book again for the art.

Conclusion: I wish there were more writers out there who could write a solid, single-issue story with so much in it. Even if you’re not a Titans or Cyborg fan, it’s worth checking out.

Grade: B

-DS Arsenault