By Duane Swierczynski (Writer) and Ariel Olivetti (Artist)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: At best, the Messiah War crossover has been disappointing. At worst, it’s been a complete waste of time and money. I wonder if the final chapters can make a difference?

The Story: Deadpool, X-23, Vanisher, and Domino find the source of the interference that’s disrupting the time-travel devices. Meanwhile, Cable, Bishop, and the rest of X-Force try to stop Stryfe from capturing Hope. Also, Angel helps Apocalypse do something that may cause everyone to pay a price…

What’s Good: The very best thing about Cable #15 is that it brings the Messiah War one step closer to a conclusion. I know that that’s not exactly high praise, but the sooner Cable and X-Force can get back to business, the better. The only other positive thing about the sixth chapter of the Messiah War is that Ariel Olivetti’s style actually works quite well for a handful of scenes.

What’s Not So Good: Man…where do I begin? I guess it’d be best to start by saying that Cable #15 might be the worst Messiah War chapter yet. It fails in some way at every level…

The storyline disappoints because the two big plot twists introduced in Cable #15 are strange and frustrating. One of them makes X-23 act completely out of character. The other twist seems like a desperate “WTF!?” moment tossed in just to…you know what? I actually have no idea what the creative team was going for with it.

Duane Swierczynski’s writing makes reading Cable #15 a chore. What’s odd though, is that the writing isn’t actually all that bad. The problem is that Swierczynski seems far more intent on hammering out plot points than actually entertaining the reader. Simply put, a little personality would have gone a long way.

Despite what I said in the “What’s Good” section, the visuals by Ariel Olivetti are truly awful for most of the book. They are inconsistent (Why does Cable look 20+ years younger at times?), awkward (Why is Wolverine’s head so tiny?), ugly (I swear that Olivetti uses the Vanisher reference for every female character), and surprisingly static (some sense of motion would be wonderful). Even fans of Olivetti’s style will have a tough time defending the artwork in the latest issue of Cable.

Conclusion: The penultimate chapter of the Messiah War does nothing to improve the crossover event. Buy it at your risk…

Grade: D-

-Kyle Posluszny