By Andrew Kreisberg (writer), Mike Norton (artist), Josef Rubinstein (inker)

The Story: While Star City remains under a sound-blocking effect, Black Canary and Green Arrow leap to the rescue. Black Canary looks to science for help, which provides an opportunity for Kreisberg to dig deeper into the discovery of her powers as a teen. Ollie, on the other hand, continues to have groupie trouble.

What’s Good: Kreisberg pulled together a standard disaster-plot story. He keeps the pages turning with lots of action, rioters, burning buildings and a mystery to be solved. He also paced the story well– especially through the use of flashback. The Canary flashbacks are the strongest parts of the writing and they fit into the story well. I also have to tip my hat to Kreisberg for using a real science fictional idea in the story (destructive wave interference) and including all the spin-off ideas, like how to communicate if you’ve got no sound. The use of cell phone text screens was clever.

Norton’s art was serviceable. The fight scenes did the job and I really enjoyed the back splash page. However, Josef Rubinstein gave me a moment of nostalgia. In the panel where Dinah is shrugging to the scientists, there’s a style that reminded me of the classic Rubinstein-on-Cockrum inks in the Uncanny X-Men.

What’s Not So Good: Unfortunately, this book was far from excellent with its ridiculous moments. The story had some pretty Hollywood scenes in it, like how Dinah used a struggling thug twice her size as a fighting puppet and even gets him to let go of a knife at just the right time to complete a throw. And when our heroes finally meet the villain, Kreisberg gives him a soliloquy. It was bad. There are lots of ways to give the reader information, but in this instance, Kreisberg picked the clunkiest, most cliché way possible. And while I give Kreisberg credit for using real science in his science fiction, every other scientific detail was way, way off. I won’t give any examples, but leave some comments if/ when you find them.

Conclusion: A slightly sub-average offering. Despite trick arrows and the slowly-revealed origin of Black Canary, the lack of originality in story and in character made this issue forgettable. Save your $2.99.

Grade: C-

-DS Arsenault