By Gail Simone (writer), Aaron Lopresti (artist), Matt Ryan (colorist)

The Story: A wounded Diana is returned to Paradise Island just as Ares stages his final attack. Ares commands a vassal of Poseidon’s to bring every conceivable monster from the depths to overrun the Amazons. Things look bad and even with the brief reprieve that Diana manages to win for the Amazons is used by Ares to set a trap for them.

What’s Good: The art by Lopresti and Ryan is fantastic. The hair and figures are great, but where the art really shines in this book is in the monsters and the epic scope of the battles. The spined, slimy, gaping, malevolent creatures pulled from the depths are scary. Lopresti and Ryan even manage to make me pity some poor sharks that got in their way. And as always, Diana is a brilliantly depicted warrior woman, powerful and compassionate.

The dialogue and writing also feel very natural. Simone tells the story without having to resort to characters explaining things in their dialogue. The interplay of character and command between Diana, Hyppolita and General Phillipus are also nicely done. The personalities and even humor shines vividly in each of them.

What’s Not So Good: The plotting got a bit complex for me in this issue.  I got confused by the scheming between Zeus and Ares, and where the Amazons and the new Olympians fell in that struggle. The different layers of betrayals and the morals choices and switches in sides near the end just got me more confused. And nobody really understands why gods do things, right? On a second read things improved considerably.

Conclusion: Despite an overly complex plot, I liked this issue. Gail Simone really writes a heroic Diana, and Lopresti and Ryan are the perfect duo in bringing her to life.

Grade: B

-DS Arsenault