By Robert Kirkman (Writer), Cory Walker (Art), and Val Staples (Colors)

The Story: Destroyer and Turret attack a Horde base where they fight Krakoom. Blood is shed and Destroyer dwells on what might be his greatest mistake.

What’s Good: Robert Kirkman tosses in some effective character moments, but there’s no denying that Destroyer #4 is the art team’s show. Cory Walker and Val Staples craft a brutal fight scene that is colorful, clever, and just the right kind of over the top.

What’s Not So Good: Destroyer #4 is over far too fast and lacks the urgency that made the last issue such an intense read.

Conclusion: If you like seeing Destroyer living up to his name, then be sure to check out the latest issue of Robert Kirkman’s MAX mini-series.

Grade: C+

-Kyle Posluszny