By Eric Shanower (Script), Skottie Young (Art), Jean-Francois Beaulieu (Colors)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: I’m sad to see The Wonderful Wizard of Oz come to an end… But what a mini-series it has been.

The Story: Dorothy and her friends make their way to Glinda, the good witch. A land made of china, a fearsome giant spider, and quadlings stand in the way of the group.

It’s All Good: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz #8 has a little bit of everything that’s made the series so great. The visuals are as impressive as they’ve ever been, the color work has never complimented the art more, and the writing/ storyline brings everything to a close in a satisfying, fun, and heartwarming manner. To be honest, I don’t have a single complaint. If you want more details about what makes The Wonderful Wizard of Oz such an incredible accomplishment, feel free to check out the other reviews I’ve written.

Conclusion: Bring on The Marvelous Land of Oz ASAP because I’m ready for more!

Grade: A+

Mini-Series Grade: E (Epic)

-Kyle Posluszny