By David Lapham (Writer), Koi Turnbull (Pencils), Scott Hanna w/ Mark Pennington (Inks), Juan Doe (Art on pgs. 11-23), and C. Garcia (Colors)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: I really hope Mr. Terror has a future sooner rather than later. David Lapham has done great things with Terror during the Apocalypse Soon mini-series, so it’d be a shame to see all that excellent character work go to waste.

The Story: Zahhak’s got Terror’s head… But maybe that was part of the plan to save the world the whole time.

What’s Good and What’s Not So Good: Thanks to David Lapham’s sharp dialogue and a plot that successfully manages to be heavy, yet fun, the final chapter of Apocalypse Soon brings a very good MAX story to a satisfying conclusion. My only real complaint is that, for the second issue in a row, the artwork is split between two artists. While I’m a fan of both artists, Koi Turnbull and Juan Doe have styles that simply don’t go together all that well. In addition, both artists seem to have rushed their work. The quality from panel to panel varies so much that Terror Inc. #4 is rather frustrating to look at. As a result, the final chapter of Apocalypse Soon gets a grade that’s a bit lower than what the rest of the series has gotten.

Conclusion: More Terror would’ve definitely been a good thing.

Grade: B-

-Kyle Posluszny