By Philip K. Dick (Writer), Tony Parker (Art)

The Story: Rick Deckard is put to the test while trying to fill the shoes of a more seasoned bounty hunter as he assumes his workload.

The Good: This issue really doesn’t cover that much ground in terms of plot development but it does give the reader a sense that something is about to happen. The personal and moral issues that made this issue so intriguing are still present to but a lesser effect. There is less of a sense that you are being talked at and more of a feeling that you are in fact part of a conversation. Furthermore, PKD’s, at times, wordy descriptions of settings and inner monologues of characters can be quite an eyeful but the pacing of the dialogue and artistic layout keep this one moving right along.

The Bad: Overall I would rate this issue as “okay.” It’s definitely easier to read than the first issue and still many times easier than the novel, but in the end you don’t feel as if anything has really been accomplished. You’ll feel as if the story is starting to get somewhere and then it turns into a Rocky and Bullwinkle cartoon. I can almost hear the announcer proudly proclaiming, “TUNE IN NEXT TIME TO SEE IF…” Which doesn’t leave me with a good taste in my mouth and almost makes me feel a little resentful that my wallet is a little lighter. If you’re the type of fan that gets a kick out of owning individual issues, then your money is already spent. But if you’re just a fan of Philip K. Dick and like the idea of this story being adapted to a comic, then I might hold off on reserving a copy of the tpb.

Conclusion: Still a cool story, which presents some intriguing dilemmas, but I’m as excited as I was after reading the first issue.

Grade: C

-Ray Hilario