We’re going to begin something new here at Weekly Comic Book Review and start talking about graphic novels, because when we took a look at the other comic book review sites out there, we were frankly shocked at how a few of them (by which we mean to say practically none of them) ever give them a meaningful review.  Why is that?  Graphic novels are one of the most important thing to hit this medium since, well, comic books, which is why writers now go to such great lengths to structure their stories with a careful eye towards their inevitable collected releases.  And again, why is that?  I suspect it’s because the industry has noticed a change in what we’re investing our money in.  I suspect they’ve noticed that readers are increasingly less interested in having their stories serialized and dragged out for half a year and instead looking for a more complete entertainment experience, one that they can have the freedom to find at Borders, Barnes and Noble, or Amazon as easily as they do their local comic shop.  Something that they can display with pride on their bookshelves and not have to hide away in their White Boxes of Shame.

We want to speak to that graphic novel reader here, and show them new collections worth their time and money.  And if you’ve never cracked open a graphic novel before, we especially can’t wait to speak with you. Welcome!