By Mark Millar (writer), Carlos Pacheco (pencils), Danny Miki (inks)

The Story: Following the events that took place in the universally hated “Ultimatum,” Nick Fury returns to the desecrated Triselion. There, Hawkeye stands with him and makes his former leader an offer he can’t refuse. Furthermore, Hawkeye reveals to Fury how Captain America has gone rogue after discovering the truth about Red Skull.

What’s Good: Wow, DC sure fucked up in never locking Carlos Pacheco down to an exclusive. As shown in this first issue, Pacheco’s art kicks ass! His action scenes pack entertaining brutality, while the characters move smoothly and naturally. You’ll feel the kick that Cap delivers to the jugular, and you can almost really experience the thrill when Hawkeye jumps out of the helicopter. The action scenes are all over-the-top and it all works. Carlos Pacheco simply owns this issue, as he reminds everyone that he is the man for the job. It’s too bad that he’s only got the first arc…

As for the writing, Mark Millar is simply a master when it comes to writing the blockbuster. Right away, he’s steering us towards the right direction; away from all the Ultimatum nonsense that Jeph Loeb churned out for us. Here, he gives us some much needed excitement in the Ultimate Universe, while renewing our faith in the Ultimate line.

What’s Not So Good: Although the big reveal at the end is one hell of a cliffhanger, I’m not sure if fans are ready for another story that can be thought as far-fetched. This is when over-the-top could go wrong, and even almost cliche… By the end of the issue, Millar will have you either itching for the next issue, or at “WTF,” like Nick Fury in the beginning.

Conclusion: Ultimate Comics Avengers starts off with a loud bang, and it resonates throughout the rest of the issue. Millar and Pacheco waste no time in setting out and making the Ultimate line likable again; with this fast-paced, awesome-looking book. My only concern is the ending and the secret revealed at the end. I can already hear “really?!” from some readers. Nevertheless, you’ll come back wanting and waiting to see how Millar and Pacheco undo Loeb’s mess.

Grade: B+

-Ray Hilario