By Daniel Way (Writer), Shawn Crystal (Pencils), John Lucas (Inks), and Lee Loughridge (Colors)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: Piratepool brought the funny last issue. I’m assuming that he’ll do the same in Deadpool #14.

The Story: Deadpool, his parrot (Hydra Bob), and his “blind pirate wench” face off against the pirate known as Wackbeard.

What’s Good: In Deadpool #14, as he did in the first Piratepool issue of Deadpool, Daniel Way finds a way to strike a nice balance between the clever and the obvious as far as the whole pirate thing goes. On the one side, you have stuff like Wackbeard mentioning just how much of Deadpool’s pirate obsession is the result of watching too many movies. On the other side, you have jokes about using a plunger for a peg leg. The back and forth between the two types of humor makes the latest issue of Deadpool an enjoyable read that really takes advantage of the whole pirate theme. Another thing that Way scores points for is the way he manages to bring Deadpool’s ridiculousness full circle in a way that makes the conclusion of the pirate arc a bit more satisfying than you might imagine.

The artwork by Shawn Crystal, while a bit rough (which I’ll get to), gives Way’s story an indie look that’s rather fitting. I mean, let’s face it, Deadpool rarely feels like the fairly high profile book that it’s become anyways. From Hydra Bob the (impressively expressive) parrot to Wackbeard and his crew, Crystal’s work captures the spirit of what makes Deadpool so much fun.

What’s Not So Good: While Crystal’s work does justice to Way’s script, I’m still a bit hung up on how much I miss the slick, polished work of Paco Medina and his crew. Since Crystal started handling Deadpool, the series went from being one of the best looking to one that just looks somewhere between decent and good. That said, I won’t mind if Crystal sticks around because his style definitely has a certain charm that works.

Conclusion: Deadpool #14 delivers pretty much everything someone could ask for in a comic about the Merc with a Mouth. It’s funny, it’s a bit silly, it’s action scenes are pretty cool (and suitably violent), and it tells a story that could only really work with Deadpool as the lead character.

Grade: B

-Kyle Posluszny