By James Robinson (writers), Mauro Casciolo (art)

The Story: The different heroes wanting vengeance are starting to clot together. Congo Bill and Mikaal are attacked, while Green Lantern, Green Arrow, the Atom, Supergirl and Shazam lay the gloves on Prometheus.

What’s Good: Mauro Casciolo’s art blew me away again. His art invites you to pause and admire, while creating that sense of excitement and anticipaion between turning the pages. The texture of skin and cloth are so obvious. The lighting, the explosions, the drops of splashing water– it’s all there as a feast for the reader.

What’s Not So Good: Unfortunately, while this series launched so strongly in issue #1, I really feel that the momentum has dropped by issue #3. There’s an awful lot of dialogue in this issue, a lot of it to dump information on the reader, but it really didn’t feel like it was going anywhere. This sucked much of the enjoyment from the story for me.

Secondly, I bought into the anger of the heroes for the first two issues, but it’s starting to wear a bit thin. The fact that Green Lantern and Green Arrow supervise an Atom-mediated torture session doesn’t sit well with me. There are heroes, anti-heroes, and post-modern heroes, but torture is just plain illegal and I’m having a hard time reconciling a Green Lantern doing the superhero equivalent of water-boarding to a captured villain. Didn’t Hal Jordan used to lead the charge against Green Lanterns gone bad?

Lastly, Prometheus is a bit loopy. I don’t mean that in a Joker or Professor Pyg sort of way. I mean he’s loopy in a Ming the Merciless sort of way. From his early motivation to his fiendish plots now brewing, I didn’t buy any of it and most of the time, he sounded like a Republican serial villain. While he was telling someone about the intricacies of his fiendish plots for two pages, I was waiting for Casciolo to have him gleefully kicking puppies. Ineffective villainy.

Conclusion: Treasured heroes commiting venal acts on flimsy pretexts to counter a villain who isn’t that intimidating, powerful or multidimensional… Twenty-two pages of lost opportunity for DC.

Grade: C-

-DS Arsenault