By Victor Gischler (Writer), Bong Dazo (Pencils), Jose Pimentel (Inks), and Matt Milla (Colors)

Some Thoughts Before The Review: While the rumble in the jungle in Merc with a Mouth has been fun, I’ve definitely had my fill. I look forward to seeing what chaos comes about as Victor Gischler takes his story into space.

The Story: Deadpool realizes what could possibly happen if the zombie head is turned into a weapon and comes up with a plan to escape both A.I.M. and Hydra.

What’s Good: I knew it would happen eventually, I just didn’t think an issue of Merc with a Mouth would be funnier and more entertaining than an issue of the main Deadpool series from the same month so soon. That doesn’t mean that Merc with a Mouth is now the better series or anything (it probably won’t ever be, in all honesty), but it does say a lot about what the creative team behind MwaM is doing right. The team has clearly been shooting for a certain kind of edgy groove since the first issue of the series. If Merc with a Mouth #5 is any indication, that groove has been found.

Victor Gischler’s writing style is really starting to grow on me. He’s doing a really nice job of scripting his series in a way that welcomes and celebrates the chaos that results from Deadpool being…well…himself. While his pop culture references are going to probably feel dated (or even confusing) sooner than later, they definitely hit in the present far more than they miss. And let’s be honest…a joke involving a comparison between the old Star Wars trilogy with the new is always welcome, especially if it leads to someone’s head getting blown off. Which leads me to the other thing I like about Victor Gischler: he prefers edgy and crass over goofy. While taking edgy and crass over goofy occasionally makes it feel like the writer is trying too hard, it does help to separate Merc with a Mouth from Daniel Way’s series.

Bong Dazo and the rest of the art team continue to make Merc with a Mouth look like the comic adaptation of some twisted cartoon. If it can be made to look exaggerated or over the top, it is. The violence? Yep. The breasts? Yep. The explosions? Yep. I’m sure you got the idea. The style compliments Gischler’s script and story so well that it’s easy to overlook…

What’s Not So Good: …the fact that the series, in five issues, has had close to no character development. In short, Deadpool is written in a way that leaves little room for any type of depth or advancement. Gischler aims to highlight the basic appeal of Wade Wilson. While there really isn’t anything wrong with that…the basic appeal is why the character is experiencing such a comeback in the first place…it does leave Merc with a Mouth, especially the fifth issue, feeling rather shallow. Daniel Way is clearly making moves to develop the character. Victor Gischler seems to be aiming to just capitalize on what makes the character so fun. Is it entertaining? Sure. But it leaves this critic wanting a bit more.

Conclusion: Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth #5 is a pretty wild, funny ride from start to finish. It reads well, it looks great, and it highlights why Deadpool is such an entertaining character.

Grade: B

-Kyle Posluszny