By Daniel Way & Marjorie Liu (writers), Stephen Segovia & Paco Diaz Luque (artists), Sandu Florea, Guillermo Ortego, & Jay Leisten (inkers), Marte Garcia & Antonio Fabela (colorists)

The Story: Dark Wolverine saves a baby. There, I just saved you $2.99 and the urge to cut your wrists with the paper this piece of shit was printed on.

The Good: Paco Diaz Luque turns in some solid art and would have been a much better choice to carry this book instead of Segovia. Unfortunately, his meager efforts still aren’t enough to redeem this book.

The Not So Good: I’m disgusted that it took nine people to make a story that amounted to twenty-one pages of talk and a splash page of Dark Wolverine holding a baby in his arms. This title has only ever been marginally entertaining at best, and the first story arc held potential for the title as well as Daken, but I’m sorry to see my hopes so thoroughly crushed with this latest storyline, and this issue in particular, which culminates in one of the most pathetic, shark-jumping moments I’ve seen all year. And comic like this, we’re supposed to believe, are what passes for entertainment in this industry. Well, I’m sorry but I’ve had enough and I refuse to continue handing over my money to this comic anymore. Way and Liu have inexplicably found new ways every month to not live up to their potential, and I can’t keep waiting for them to turn things around and redeem a comic that was only barely interesting to begin with. It took me three attempts to actually finish reading this comic; I was that bored with every word on every panel. Monthly comics like this need to be able to stand on their own legs. You need to be able to walk into the comic store, pay for an issue, take it home to read, and feel like you were entertained enough to have made a good purchase. There is an ugly trend in comics though, of which this title in particular has been especially guilty, that advocates writing comic stories for their release as graphic novels and not as serialized entertainment. If the industry wants to sell graphic novels I’ll be more than happy to pay for them, but then let’s stop kidding each other with these monthly comics that have utterly no entertainment value. Issues like this are a blight on the industry and succeed in only wasting your time and money.

Conclusion: I’d like to offer Dark Wolverine #80 as The Worst Comic of the Year. I’m done buying this title and strongly advise anyone else currently reading it to do the same. We deserve much, much better than this.

Grade: F-

-Tony Rakittke