Ray’s Top Picks

Pick of the Week: Sweet Tooth #4 – Jeff Lemire continues to deliver compelling character moments and stunning artwork in his eerie post apocalyptic series. Sweet Tooth is simple Vertigo’s best new series.

Most Anticipated: Adventure Comics #5 – It’s Blackest Night and Geoff Johns… This is a DC must for every fan following DC’s blockbuster event.

Other Picks: Red Robin #7, Action Comics #884, Daytripper #10, Unwritten #8, Amazing Spider-Man #614, Invincible Iron Man #21

Alex’s Top Picks

Pick of the Week: Sweet Tooth #4 – Nothing was braver or darker than last week’s issue of Sweet Tooth. In it’s fourth issue, Sweet Tooth shows just the right mix of distinctiveness, emotion, honesty, and character. If the series keeps up this level of quality, its well on its way to an Eisner nod for “best new series” in 2010.

Most Anticipated: DMZ #48 – DMZ has spent the last couple of months spinning its wheels, but with its cliffhanger last month, the series has started charging forward once again. I can’t wait to see where Brian Wood picks up after these status-quo shaping developments. It’s strange that a book that picks up after Parco’s disappearance may be my most anticipated issue since the one where Parco came into power.

Other Picks: Captain America: Reborn #5, Invincible Iron Man #21, The Unwritten #8, The Walking Dead #68, Secret Six #16

DS’s Top Picks

Best of the Past Week: Blackest Night: Flash #1: Geoff Johns brought down a mix of Flash Reborn and Blackest Night, with hints of what’s to come for both series!

Most anticipated: Red Robin #7 – Chris Yost has been dealing out a riveting suspense story and the addition of Marcus To on art is a win for everyone. It’s the first read off my pull list now.

Other Top Picks: Batgirl #5, Adventure comics #5, Ghost Riders: Heavens on Fire #5, Titans #20, Secret Six #16, Amazing Spider-Man #614