By: Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba (writers/artists), Dave Stewart (colors) & Sean Konot (letters)

The Story: An 11-year old boy enjoys an idyllic time of innocence on his family’s farm.

What’s Good: You could almost do a copy/paste for what is good about this title month after month.  Both the story and the art effortlessly capture memorable moments from a person’s life.  In this case, we are focusing on our main character (Bras) as an 11-year-old boy who gets to spend the weekends on his family’s farm.  Part of the reason a story like this is so touching is that it reminds you of being eleven.  The joy of flying a kite.  The mayhem of large family gatherings.  Getting a first kiss from a girl.  Just being a kid without a care in the world.   As an aside, I wonder if this comic connects with women as well as it seems to connect with most men?

I’m really impressed at how well Moon and Ba have come up with a list of these types of events in a person’s life.  But, more impressive is how well they meld the language of the story with the art.  Especially considering they aren’t native English speakers.  They have really mastered the facial expressions and body posture of the characters so you know exactly what their mood is, what they are thinking and how they feel.  Bravo!

This issue also really yanks at your heart and makes you dread the ending.  If you’ve followed Daytripper, you know how they all end and when you open this comic and see that it is about an eleven-year-old boy, the dread creeps over you.  Very effective storytelling, even if it isn’t particularly pleasant.

I also want to give a quick kudos to Dave Stewart.  The coloring in this issue is really nice and I don’t think colorists get enough credit.

What’s not so good: The ending in this might be a bit over the top.  It certainly was sad (even if they did handle it tastefully).  I really enjoy this series and the one thing that I’m a little worried about is that it has become predictable.  We’re 5 issues in and we’ve had the same basic story every time.  I have to assume that they’ll change it up a bit and I really hoped that this issue would be the one to change the ending.  Perhaps now that they’ve established that they’re willing to go to this length, the story will move on.

Conclusion: Another really strong and emotional story.  A bit sad and I just hope that this issue has a bigger purpose in the series.

Grade: B+

-Dean Stell