By: Nick Spencer (script), Jorge Coelho (art on Story A), Eric Skillman (colors on Story A), Marley Zarcone (art & colors on Story B), Johnny Lowe (letters)

The Story: A lady-assassin, a sex-addict late-night host dressed in a Koala suit ,and a group of NJ teens attend the last Forgetless party in NYC.

What’s good: This comic is just different.  If you’re sometimes bored with reading mainstream superhero comics where you pretty much already know what will happen, try reading some of Nick Spencer’s stuff over at Image.  You may try it and it won’t be your thing, but it’s different and weird and you really have zero idea what will happen next.

Forgetless (so far) has always been split into two stories that are tied together by this all-night rave-type party called Forgetless.  The “Story A” explains why a famous late-night talk show host has ended up wearing a Koala suit and been shot in the alley outside the club.  Spencer’s description and Coelho’s drawings of this guy’s perversion are just really something else.  You certainly won’t see this kind of stuff in either a Marvel or DC book!  The Story B shows the kids of NJ finally getting to the party only to have their fake-IDs turned down.  This story has consistently been very solid, and reminds us all of what being a teenager feels like when left out of all the things the older 20-somethings were doing.

One thing I was very happy to see is that Spencer has now connected the two stories, so I’m very much looking forward to the last issue although I’m curious about how they’ll handle the art since the art on the two stories has been very different.

What’s Not So Good: I really don’t have a lot of complaints about this issue.  It looked like Zarcone’s art wasn’t quite as crisp on Story B as it has been, but it isn’t remotely anything I’d call “bad”.  I also miss the Web 2.0 things that Spencer was playing with in the first few issues.  He’d used Twitter and YouTube very effectively and I think the comic misses a little bit of its hipness when that is gone.

Conclusion: Fun, different and fresh.

Grade: B

-Dean Stell