By: Nathan Edmondson (story) & Brett Weldele (art/letters)

The Story: A virus is infecting people who look at electric lights and causing them to burst into flames.  Amid the confusion a father and his daughter try to get to safety while avoiding looking at “the light”.

What’s Good: Thank goodness looking at the lights doesn’t turn people into zombies.  That’s such a crowded genre and even though I love zombies, unless someone really has something unique to say about them, it’s better left alone.  This first issue (of five total) is really just a set-up for the rest of that story, but it looks like Edmondson is in a good position to tell a nice post-apocalyptic story and that is always a fun genre.

This first issue quickly establishes our two main characters: a lousy drunk father and his teenage daughter.  I think their relationship is handled pretty well.  The crap hits the fan pretty suddenly in this issue and we wouldn’t expect the teenage daughter to respond well to her lousy father storming into her bedroom in the middle of the night demanding that she wear a blindfold.

The art is scratchy and moody.  It isn’t hyper-detailed, but it tells the story effectively.  The cover is a pretty good exemplar of what the issue looks like.

What’s Not So Good: I do like the post-apocalyptic genre, but it is done a LOT.  So, I hope that the creators have an interesting spin.  I can make a similar comment about the drunk father trying to redeem himself by saving his children.  We’ve seen this.  I’ll be hanging in there, but people read creator driven projects to get something different.  This may well turn out to be different and it has made a good first step by NOT having the infected turn into zombies.  Still, there are a few warnings that some of this story could be cliché.

It is also a very fast read.  You’ll blow through this in ~10 minutes tops.

A final quibble…. What is going on with Image’s printing these last few months?  Choker, Shuddertown and now Light have all come on paper that was wavy like the page was over-inked.  Image is a major publisher and I’d expect them to get a handle on this sort of printing problem sooner.

Conclusion: An enjoyable first issue.  Waiting to see if it covers new ground.

Grade: C+

-Dean Stell