By: Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning (writers), Andrea DiVito (art), Bruno Hang (colors) & Cory Petit (letters)

The Story: After a multi-issue battle with the Sphinx, Nova returns to Earth.  Will his stay there be quiet?

What’s Good: I’m excited for the Thanos Imperative, and this issue of Nova was a nice lead in.  I was a little afraid that this issue would be an issue to get Nova ready to become a Secret Avenger and perhaps focus on his relationship with the not-dead-anymore Namorita, but DNA don’t give us any of that.  Instead we get evil Quasar and parasitic mind-control organisms, as Nova returns to Earth and Project PEGASUS, only to find an open portal to the Fault down in the basement with one of those big, nasty, tentacled, pointy-toothed monstrosities coming through.  Cool story and a nice lead in to the Thanos Imperative!

I especially love how the entire PEGASUS base has been taken over by those little spine-sucking, mind-control aliens.  Those kinds of things have always made my skin crawl!

What’s Not So Good: There isn’t much that I’d really find faulty with this issue except that it just didn’t knock my socks off in anyway.  I don’t LOVE the art, but it isn’t scorn-worthy either.  I guess if I have to put my finger on what’s bugging me, it’s that the story is a little odd.  If Nova is rocketing off into space at the end to help deal with the Fault, what was the point in having him go back to Earth?  I just didn’t feel like there were any plot points addressed by the return to Earth that couldn’t have been handled otherwise. There also wasn’t much done with Namorita after making a pretty big deal of her being back in the last issue.

Conclusion: This is a good solid issue, but nothing too remarkable. I’ve seen a lot of hand-wringing on forums about how this may be the “last issue of Nova” since the series is going on hiatus (along with Guardians of the Galaxy) during the Thanos Imperative and that this might even be an end, of sorts, for Marvel Cosmic.  I just don’t buy that.  These titles sell just fine and it isn’t like they’re tying up any Tier 1 artists forever. I’m mostly happy that there won’t be a checklist associated with Thanos.  🙂

Grade: C

– Dean Stell