By: Jeff Mariotte (writer), Francesco Francavilla (art), Jeremy Shepherd (colors) & Johnny Lowe (letters)

The Story: A mysterious cowboy is racking up a big body count across the U.S. as authorities try to catch him and figure out his motive.

What’s good: I like the art.  If you follow the Comic Twart blog (and if you don’t, you should), you know that Francesco Francavilla is a talented artist.  In fact, his name on the cover is the only reason I picked up this title at my LCS.  His style is dark and moody and it makes for a nice looking comic.  I’d really like to see him get a shot at one of the Batman titles.

Not much else good here…

What’s Not So Good: I just didn’t like this comic at all from a story standpoint.  I won’t belabor it because I hate to pound on something that someone worked hard on, but there is nothing in this story that makes me want to read issue #2.  I’m not interested in “Garrison” and I don’t find myself wondering what his motives are.  The attractive female special agent is about as cliché as they come.  *Yawn*

It even looked like the artists got bored with the story in a few places as the art varies between very nice (as I noted above) and kind of unfinished looking.

I won’t engage in any more piling on.  It just isn’t a very good comic book.

Conclusion: Good art can’t rescue a boring story.

Grade: D

– Dean Stell