By: Tony Bedard (writer), Peter Nguyen (pencils), Jack Purcell (inks) Tony Avina (colors) & Steve Wands (letters)

The Story: Is Selina Kyle possessed by an evil spirit?  Her cuckoo sister sure thinks so!

What’s Good: This is a nice little story that revolves around Catwoman and her nutty sister, Maggie.  Maggie is convinced that Catwoman is nothing but the manifestation of an evil spirit that possesses her sister (Selina) and that Catwoman needs to die so that Selina can be free.  This is going to cause obvious problems for the Gotham City Sirens.  Guest writer Bedard nails the characterization and I especially like what he does with Harley.  I always think regular writer Dini (who is taking another vacation from this title) writes Harley as too much of a ditzy-dingbat.  That characterization of her is so one-note that it gets old really fast, so I really like the way Bedard writes her in this issue: young and naive.  “Young and naive” has some legs (no pun intended) and can be an interesting character to read.  I think Bedard also deserves some kudos for making Maggie so creepy and insane.  Let’s face it, we get to see lots of nutty characters in comics and we all start to become immune to it, so you know a writer is doing something right when he/she is able to make us take notice of insanity.  Hey– bludgeoning a cat and a nun to death with a fire poker will do that!

We also get a new artist with this issue: Peter Nguyen.  I think he is pretty new to comics in general and I like his initial efforts here.  His style is a little manga-inspired and that usually bothers me, but I like this work a lot.  The art is pretty heavily inked and I’d almost like to see a little more of Nguyen’s art peek through because I think it looks strong enough that it could take less ink.

What’s Not So Good: Having said that, this a fun story. And that’s all it merely is: fun.  Not all comics need to have some BIGGER MEANING and I’m 100% fine with that, but if you’re looking for a weighty series that “matters” this isn’t going to be the series for you.

I also have to pick at one aspect of the art.  There are a few scenes where Catwoman and Harley look like kids, especially Harley.  Given how much trouble some artists have drawing kids (like making Damien Wayne not look 22 years old), it is kind of funny to catch an artist making an adult character look like a very authentic 13.  This is a minor problem to fix and I like Nguyen’s art, so I’ll be he fixes this.

Conclusion: A fun little issue with pretty strong art from a newer artist.

Grade: B-

– Dean Stell