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X-Force: Sex and Violence #1 – Review

by Craig Kyle & Chris Yost (writers), Gabriele Dell’Otto (artist)

The Story:
Domino, like most, had a past before the X-Men.  And in that past, she just might have done a job for the infamous Assassins’ Guild.  And that job just might have had something to do with the also infamous Hand ninja clan.  She might also have broken her contract and left them both to kill each other.  So now Wolverine gets swept up in Domino’s past problems as they become present ones when the Guild returns for payback.  Did we forget to mention that there might be something about some money, because Domino sure did.  Oh, and Wolverine and Domino totally want to do each other.

What’s Good (and it’s all good): Kyle and Yost tell an enjoyable romp of a tale and the enjoyment they must have had writing it is infectious.  I particularly enjoyed the speed with which the reader is thrust into the plot.  Before you’re even sure what’s going on, you’re in a filthy bathroom as a bloodied, stabbed and bullet-ridden Domino is spitting teeth into the sink.  Blink once and we’re privy to how exactly our femme fatale got into this sticky predicament.  Blink twice and Wolverine and Domino are engaged in the bloodiest battle  San Francisco’s seen since, well, the last issue of Wolverine: Weapon X probably, but you get the picture.  Blink thrice and our two heroes are getting it on!  This is definitely a miniseries that’s more in the vein of a film like Crank, where the creators invite you to turn off your brain and just enjoy the insanely violent and sexy ride without too much thought.  The trick about making those types of stories work is that they must, above all else, be fun.  Kyle and Yost know this and they inject the beginnings of what looks to be a whole truckload of fun into this first issue with a few twists in the plot for added zing.

Del’Otto’s painted style might, initially, sound all wrong for this type of story.  After all, painted artwork tends to look stiff and posed, robbing many comics of their intended appearance of motion and life.  To do that to an action story?  Horrible.  I’m pleased to say that never becomes a problem here, though.   The artist’s visuals add nothing but positive spin to the events in the issue.  The second page in particular, a splash shot of Domino from another character’s POV as they look through a cracked open door, stands out.  Most importantly, he draws one hell of a sexy Domino, and in a comic with sex in the title, that’s important.

Conclusion: It might not be for everyone, but if a comic called X-Force: Sex and Violence sounds at all inviting to you, then step right in.  This is a fun, crazy roller coaster of a ride that’s beautifully illustrated.  Kyle and Yost look to be going out with a bang.  In more ways than one.

Grade: A

-Joe Lopez

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