By: Paul Dini (writer), Dustin Nguyen (pencils), Derek Fridolfs (inks), John Kalisz (colors) & Steve Wands (letters)

Two-Face back-up story: Ivan Brandon (writer), Ramon Bachs (pencils), John Lucas (inks), Nick Filardi (colors) & Travis Lanham (letters)

The Story: Hush starts plotting again and Two-Face tries to root out a mole in his organization.

What’s Good: I’ve really come to enjoy Dustin Nguyen’s art.  I don’t think this is his artistic masterpiece, but I’m looking for something kind to say about this issue and I do think that Nguyen’s art is the high point.  I enjoy how he mixes his digitally drawn characters (at least that’s how I assume he’s doing it) with photo-realism in the background so he gets some of the photo-realism on the page without having his character’s expressions be constrained by whatever face the model was making.

This issue also revisits the fun Paul Dini concept of having the Outsiders and the extended Bat-family babysit Hush (who is masquerading as Bruce Wayne).  This concept was first tossed out in the early issues of Streets when Hush was attempting to donate all of Bruce Wayne’s money and bankrupt him, so in this issue Hush has a disguised Katana in tow.

The cliffhanger is also somewhat interesting as Hush (who is surgically disguised as Bruce Wayne) wants to break Jane Doe out of Arkham.  Jane is kind of a disguise master too, so it’ll be interesting to see what B-lister is going to get skinned so that she can impersonate them.  So, we’re headed for a super-villain, all-disguise team-up!  Yeah!

What’s Not So Good: I probably should have titled this portion “What’s meh”.  Because “meh” describes my feelings on this entire issue.  The main Hush story is only 12 pages long.  That is a really odd choice for the beginning of a new story arc.  How am I supposed to get into the story when it is the length of a back-up story?

The Two-Face back-up (??) is a whopping 18 pages long and that is a problem.  It’s too much Two-Face.  He just isn’t that interesting when he is having a solo-adventure.  I will say that I enjoyed this Two-Face story more than I usually enjoy that character and that Ramon Bachs’ art is MUCH better than it was in Azrael.

We could also devote some time to Jane Doe who has the dumbest super-power ever.  How many people do you know who you could just swap skin with and have it fit?  I’d rather she was just a straight-up shapeshifter like Mystique.

Conclusion: There is nothing in this book that screams “good” or “bad”.  It is thoroughly “blah”.

Grade: C-

– Dean Stell