By: Joe Quesada (writer), Paolo Rivera (primary artist), Quesada, Danny Miki & Richard Isanove (pgs 1 & 24) & Joe Caramanga (letters) and Spidey Sundays by Stan Lee & Marcos Martin

The Story: So, you thought that Peter saved Aunt May with his superpowered CPR technique, huh?

What’s Good: Paolo Rivera’s art is very nice and he handles the bulk of the art in the troublesome issue.  It’s a shame about the story, because the art is quite good.  It is very clean and efficient and never tries to be inappropriately flashy.

The story has a few moments.  I did think the moment where Peter pulls up his shirt to show the hospital orderly his costume to get his cooperation was pretty cool.  (BTW…the fat orderly was pretty clearly Spidey-editor Tom Brevort)  I also thought that the overall pacing of the story was pretty good and I enjoyed the chase/fight between MJ and the luchador-masked hit man.  And the final reveal [SPOILER] of Peter asking Dr. Strange to give him his secret identity back has me mildly intrigued about how the next issue will wrap up.

Too bad the plot for this issue was screwing things up.

What’s Not So Good: I was trying to be positive after ASM #639 but this story arc should never have happened.  I liked a few of the things that it seemed like Quesada was trying to do, but his attempt to “fix” One More Day just went into the toilet with this issue.

Let’s start with the beginning of the story where we learn that Peter (according to Aunt May’s doctor) used his superpower of immense love to revive Aunt May at the end of the last issue.  WTF?  I seriously thought the idea that he had somehow succeeded at CPR when the medical professionals had failed was dubious, but did Quesada not think the message boards would be lighting up with the idea that it was the “power of love” that saved May’s life?  Dumb. Just dumb.

The rest of this story is just entirely too confusing.  Even though I’m a “super-duper Spidey-reviewer” (on the web, no less) I’m not afraid to say that I don’t know everything and that this issue made my head hurt.  You would have to literally have One More Day sitting right next to you while reading this to truly understand this story.  And therein lies the problem…..the only people who would devote that much energy to the minute of a story that happened almost 100 issues ago are the super fanboys and they almost all hated One More Day.  So, this OMIT story is kinda founded on a faulty premise.

Even then, it gets things wrong. For example, in this issue we see Kingpin in his jail cell calling in the hitman after Peter revives Aunt May.  But Kingpin looks just fine considering that in OMD, Spidey had just beaten the ever-loving crap out of him hours before this.  Huh?

And don’t even get me started on Dr. Strange’s appearance in this issue.  He can fix MJ no problem, but refused to help Aunt May.  I’m sure there is some reason this was true and hopefully someone can remind me of that reason in the comments, but the fact remains that I just don’t want to have to do so much flashing back to a story I didn’t enjoy in the first place.

Finally, why is Quesada drawing 2 pages of this issue?  Rivera is doing a good job and I’m sure he could handle a stylistic change-up to show some things happened in the present and some things happened in the past.

Conclusion: Who is supervising Joe Quesada?  This arc should have never gotten off the drawing board.  OMIT is a big turd so far and that’s a shame considering that ASM had been good/great for ~40 issues beforehand.

Grade: D

– Dean Stell