Hey Folks,

Weekly Comic Book Review is planning on having a weekly trivia starting today, and continuing on Mondays.  A t-shirt company that makes cool shirts (from comic books, to shows like It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia…) contacted us and thought that we would both be a good fit in running a co-presented promotion with them. We thought why not? They’re not some random ass wart cream product trying to get their name out to our readers. They just want to give away free shirts to our loyal readers. So here’s the deal…

Answer the trivia question, and you WIN a free shirt from MyTeeSpot.com. You won’t need to pay for s/h. All you simply need to do is answer the question in the comments section. The first person to “comment” the answer wins the free shirt! Here’s to our mere attempt to brighten your Mondays!


This Week’s Prize: This Green Lantern Shirt

Trivia Question: Which issue of Green Lantern and which artist does Green Lantern #23 pay tribute to?

Green Lantern #?

Green Lantern #23

Rules and Regulations: First person to comment the correct answers (the right Green Lantern issue # and the right cover artist’s name) wins the free shirt above.



  • Jessica C.

    Thanks for awesome giveaway! I can send you a pic of me wearing the winning shirt, to entice readers to enter next giveaway if you like! Good luck to future participants, I’m talking about you Matches!

  • Congrats. Earliest postmark gets it 🙂

    I think the next ones should be by random draw, and the questions should be harder. It doesn’t seem to be fair that the people that don’t get their email until a day or two later are rendered ineligible to compete….

    • Matches, you’re right. Consider this a trial run. I wanted to see if the answer would be given by a returning reader/ frequent commenter, or someone commenting for the first time. The next trivia question will be harder.

  • Jessica C.

    The issue is Green Lantern #49 – Emerald Twilight, Part 2: The Present is a comic book published by DC Comics & released on 2//1994. And the cover artist is Darryl Banks.