By: Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba (creators), Dave Stewart (colors) & Sean Konot (letters)

The Story: Daytripper comes to an end.  Is it going to tie things up with a bow or leave us with questions to ponder?

What’s Good: I thought this series wrapped up perfectly.  Some people might have wanted an explanation to the series that was along the lines of parallel universes, but this series was never about that.  It is about family and children and how habits and traditions are passed down through the generations. It is about everyday activities.   But mostly, it is just simply about life and the moments in all of our lives that write the book of “who we are”.

All of this series has been shown through the eyes of Bras and has touched on his important moments: the birth of his child, meeting his sweetheart, the publication of his book and this issue shows the end of his life and how he has become his father in some ways (the good ways) and how he treasures the relationship with his son and grandchildren.  It shows the circle of life in a way that I really appreciate as a parent.

The art is just so spot on.  It has been consistent throughout the series.  All of the bodies and faces are 100% believable.  I don’t think I saw a bad panel in the entire 10 issues.  There was never a scene where you think, “What the hell?  Is his back broken or something?”  On top of that, they have nailed the familial resemblances of the characters and the aging of those characters.  This is just a great, great issue and series.

I also love this issue and series for being so mature and adult.  Let’s face it, folks sometimes look down on our fascination with muscular men in spandex, so it is always nice to have non-superhero stuff to show and say, “See… isn’t just for kids.”  But often the non-super-hero stuff is in the vein of The Walking Dead or Scalped (which I LOVE) where you have to worry about your friend being taken aback by the gore or violence and run screaming from the room when they see beheaded children.  None of that with Daytripper.  It is mature without resorting to harsh language, grit and grime, gore, sex or any of those things that can almost be a cop-out to show that “this stuff is for adults”.

What’s Not So Good: The only thing that was bad about this book was the sad feeling as I was coming to the end.  It was very much like watching the final 10 minutes of a beloved TV show that was ending on a melancholy note and knowing that it will be over soon and you won’t get any more of this thing that you love.  In that way, it reminded me of seeing the end of Cheers (for you older readers) with Sam Malone just turning out the lights in the bar or Lost (for you younger folks) as you’re still wondering if questions will be answered by look at the clock and know there aren’t enough minutes/pages to really tie it all up and that they’re going to leave you with a few things to ponder.

Conclusion: A perfect topper to an excellent series.  If you haven’t read this in issues, I strongly urge you to find the collected edition when it comes out.  You’ll treasure it, read it over and over and be able to share it with non-comic fans for years.

Grade: B+ (for the issue, but I give the series a unequivocal “A”)

-Dean Stell