By: Greg Pak (writer), Paul Pelletier (pencils), Danny Miki (inks), Paul Mounts (colors), Simon Bowland (letters) & Mark Paniccia (editor)

A-Bomb back-up by: Jeff Parker (writer), Yacine Elghorri (art), Bowland (letters) & Jordan White (editor)

The Story: The Hulk family is sucked into the Chaos War.

What’s Good: Kudos to Pak and editor Paniccia to finding a way to tie the Hulk family into Chaos War in a way that makes sense in continuity.  One of the things I really miss from the comics I enjoyed as a kid was the feeling that the Marvel U is one big place and that all of these characters exist at the same time and in the same world.  Too often nowadays each branch of the Marvel U has its own threat-to-Earth going on that is made to feel small because none of the other books acknowledge each other.  Heck, Avengers and New Avengers don’t even acknowledge each other and they have the same writer and some of the same characters.

So, it was very nice to see the Hulks go immediately from their adventures in space last story arc to being tied into Chaos War.  One of the first events of Chaos War was that all the mortal heroes on Earth were knocked into a coma of sorts, so it makes sense that the Hulks (being off planet at the time) would have a role to play since they were unaffected.  It’s just nice to see nods to continuity in an event that isn’t blatantly numbering its books (although all the cross pollination between Chaos War scribe and Greg Pak and the Hulk and Hercules universes probably helps coordination).

The story itself is pretty average.  It’s nothing special, but no one who enjoys Hulk stuff is going to be disappointed to see that Abomination is back from the dead to fight the Hulks when they get back to Earth.  Hulks are big and they smash stuff.  Yeah!

What’s Not So Good: Just as I was praising the nod to continuity above, I have to take issue with the depiction of Earth as being on fire.  Earth literally looks like it is nothing but a rippling ball of magma.  While I don’t expect the X-Men and Avengers to pay a ton of attention to Hulk/Herc events, how can the entire planet be destroyed? When did this happen exactly?  Some blame lies with some creators who clearly don’t give a crap about continuity anymore, but ultimately the editors need to stand strong like Leonidas and protect our precious continuity.  🙂

The art was also a bit of a miss for me, it has lots of good things: Nice Hulk, lots of details in the panels, etc.  But, She-Hulk seems to have the same size arms as Hulk-proper.  I guess I just prefer a more gracile She-Hulk.  The art (colorist too) also kinda fumbled the ball during a big scene where something nasty happens to A-Bomb.  I had to look at that scene a few times, read forward, flip back and look at it again and finally reread the entire sequence again before I could tell what happened.  I think the coloring was just too dark.

Conclusion: An average Hulk story with a mix of good and bad.  It gets mixed marks for continuity and has great Hulk-smashing action, but the art does get a little unclear in places.  Better than most event tie-ins.

Grade: C

-Dean Stell