By Ron Marz and Saurav Mohapatr (writers), Stjepan Sejic (artist), Troy Peteri (letters)

The Story: Sara and Gleason continue their investigation of the two creepy children. And by “investigate,” I mean that they kick the snot out of the giant, Lovcraftian nightmares that pour forth from the children’s unholy imagination.

I so, SO love this comic.

What’s Good: Have I said lately that I love Stjepan Sejic’s work? I have? Last month? Huh. Maybe that’s because he continues to churn out jaw-droppingly beautiful art on a disturbingly regular basis. The two-page spread alone is worth the cover price of the book, and I absolutely love what he does in a couple of panels, trading his usually hyper-detailed style for a flat, black-on-red, almost photo negative kind of look. It was jarring at first, but–since it was limited to only a few panels–it ends up as an enhancement and highlight rather than a detraction.

The story is a lot of fun as well; the team of Marz and Mohapatr have a knack for action, and they pull off the extended battle scene (which is essentially what this issue is) with aplomb. Their vision gives Sejic’s more than capable pencils a great workout, and the pithy one-liners our heroes throw out serve to break up the tension (in a good way), as well as emphasizing that battling giant, nightmarish creatures is not something they’re new to. (Their almost blase attitude towards the encounter contrasts quite hilariously with the childrens’ father’s reaction.)

What’s Not So Good: I don’t think I’d want to find something to pick on in this book even if I could, and really, I can’t. It would be nice to have a little more info–or at least a mention–about what’s going on in Artifacts, but hell, having an almost entirely contained event like this is actually rather nice, and refreshing.

Conclusion: This issue won’t show you a great deal of character depth or emotion (although the moral predicament at the end is quite good), but it’s a great read, and allows one of the best artists working in comics today to go nuts on some really, really neat looking monsters.

Grade: B+